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"I just wanted to write a quick email and tell you what a great experience my daughter had playing on the AVC 13 Regional team. The coach was an excellent coach and mentor and taught my daughter so much about the game - both physically and mentally. She understands the strategy so much better than when she began and her level of play continues to rise as she loves the challenges good coaching brings. The AVC organization is top notch in my book and was a pleasure to be part of this year. I appreciate the entire AVC coaching staff , facility, and training in which your club excels. Thank you for giving my daughter and all the girls, incentive to be the best athlete they can be in a sport they love. It is great to know they have a place to go to achieve this." ~ Mom of a 13 year old player ~

"I just wanted you to know that my daughter had a wonderful experience this season. Both her coaches, I must say they are both class acts. Thank you for a great season. Enjoy your summer!!"
~Mom of a 15 year old player ~

"Brian, first let me say, thank you for giving my daughter and my family the opportunity to be a part of The Academy AVC. My wife and I were very pleased with the way our daugther grew over the season and we saw many improvements in her playing style that will no doubt help her in the fall for her Senior Varsity season at Mayfield High School. We as parents were also pleased with all of her team mates and the way the team played well together all season long. Both coaches were always approachable and wonderful with the girls. We enjoyed spending long weekends with both of them at each tournament along with all of the other players' families. My daughter's team finished 3rd in their division of the OVR and had a few matches gone just a few points differently, they would have challenged for 1st. I am not a "Winning is everything" person or coach, I believe you should go out and try and win, but many of the best lessons are learned by players after a loss. I think we saw this on our daughter's team. My daughter has become great friends with each of her team mates, which will make it very difficult this fall when she plays against 8 out of 9 over the Varsity Season. I heard her say the other day when talking with one of them, "This was the best JO season ever, I didn't want it to end". Please know that you had a part in that and for that I thank you. I do not know what the 2010 / 2011 JO season will hold for our daughter and family, as you know players change clubs for many reasons, a better fit, closer to home, a better type of team or the girl just doesn't make the club when she tries out. But I do know that our daughter will try out for AVC again, and I hope that she is offered a position with a team that can use her talents and abilities, but more so, I hope she is on a team that can help her grow and mature as much as this year's team did. I wish you and your staff all the best of luck and success at the Nationals in Reno, and also with all the future endeavors that you do. Thank you again for a GREAT JO experience in 2009/2010. Peace be with you Brian."
~Dad of a 17 year old player~

"Thanks for the nice e-mail sent out regarding the season. Sounds like all teams did very well. I can say that the experience at AVC was wonderful for my daughter. We thank you and all the coaches for all the hard work put into it for it to happen. We hope we have a chance to be a part of AVC again next year. Have a wonderful summer and good luck to the teams going to Nationals."
~Mom of a player~

"I'd like to thank you again for all the time and effort you put into the team this year. Considering what you had to face this year, I think the girls did really well. I hope that we are able to get together in the future and once again Brian, thank you for everything. It was an enjoyable year"
~Dad of a player~


"I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how thrilled we are with being part of AVC. Your club is a club that you feel proud to tell someone you are part of. From day 1 (two years ago when we started privates) we have been pleased with the level of development our daughter has received from the various AVC coaches. Your club is very organized, well run and truly delivers on the promise of improving volleyball skill and working as a community to nurture and further develop athletes. Thank you for asking our daughter to be part of your club and allowing her to be part of such a great program!"
~Mom of 14 year old player~

"I just wanted to thank you and tell you that I think you and your staff are doing a very good job with the JVC. My daughter, is attending for the first time and it is her first real experience with AVC. We talked on the way home Saturday and she and I are both pleased with what she is learning.
I know it is difficult to run a good practice with so many different skill levels and that is what impresses me the most. For 90% of the practice, the skills that you teach and that the girls learn are independent from the other players. Said another way, it doesn’t matter if the person before you in line is good or bad it is the same experience for all of them. I especially like the way you guys slow down the skills so that the girls can learn the footwork in a controlled setting. She and I play a lot, but I never was coached myself so I don’t know how to explain some of the intricacies especially with footwork and body position. So once you guys teach Lily the skills, we have some time to practice them before the next week.
Anyway, I wanted to just tell you that you are doing a good job, my daughter s enjoying herself and learning a lot. Keep up the good work and please pass on the “attaboy” to your staff".
~Father of a JVC player

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